Monday, December 3, 2012

ADOM: The True Resurrection - Summary of day #1

A long day slowly ends... here's what I have achieved in day #1:

  • I have caught up with all mail based support requests and answered something like 60 mails.
  • I have released at least six new versions of the ADOM self service portal, adding lots of explanations and - most importantly - fixing the character encoding problem.
  • I have added two minor but neat new tweaks to the self service portal: It displays both how statues and boss monsters would show up in the game allowing you to check your input.
  • I have manually processed a lot of password requests with the self service portal (so much for self service - it seems that most of the problems happen with eastern european mail addresses, russian ones in particular).
  • Contractual details for the ADOM GPL licensing exception for NotEye have been specified and requested from my lawyer.
  • Handled some tiring billing and taxation stuff (more to come).
  • Caught up with many interesting threads in the forums. As a side note I rediscovered a neat "work in progress" picture by Krys showing off some more of the new monsters - personally I'm totally in love how all this works out. But if you want something different you will be able to do that, too. The way NotEye integrates into ADOM will allow both to exchange individual tiles as well as how rendering works in general by changing the underlying algorithm with a little LUA programming. This really is going to be neat. Jochen, Zeno and Lucas are working on the sound system right now, too, and I really like how things are shaping up. Here's the picture:

That's it for today. For me a great first day of ADOM! As tomorrow is one of two work days I'll spend at the company and giving a lecture about project managament at the Fachhochschule S├╝dwestfalen you most likely won't see much action tomorrow. Wednesday will be the first programming day and I hope to get large parts of Chaos Knights done. But we'll see... there are some nitpicky details that could turn out to take a lot more effort than I right now hope for ;-)

If you are a donor - please head immediately to the self service portal to pick up your virtual rewards... less than seven days remaining!


  1. Chaos Knights?!?! *two poison-dripping thumbs up*

  2. Clicked the link. Wish I could go to the lecture to learn Darth Vader's secret leadership technique. I suspect it has something to do with his confidence. Either that or his ability to force choke dissenters...

    Thomas: Could you elaborate on how we should specify the magical effect for the statue? What can we do with that? Not sure if you've looked at them and could maybe give examples of things you can and can't do.