Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ADOM: The True Resurrection - Summary of days 5 and 6

In one sentence: I fixed a ton of bugs and implemented another ton of RFEs. Which has both satiated my initial appetite for that and helped a lot getting back into intricate ADOM code details. Man, you really notice that ADOM was initially written in a time period when refactoring was not yet well known. OTOH things are improving and I'll for now switch to adding new stuff once more - ratlings and mist elves, here we come! Follow me on Facebook and Twitter if you want the detailed updates.


  1. Lack of refactoring is likely why ADOM is successful. So many other modern projects that try to accomplish anything on the same scale as ADOM quickly collapse when they get trapped in a cycle of refactoring after refactoring. Please don't try to refactor ADOM now! ;)

    Not that I think that's likely to happen. I imagine that trying to refactor ADOM now would break *everything* :P

    Loving the mad spree of fixes and tweaks and changes by the way. Next prerelease will be dramatically different in so many ways!

    1. I'm getting the feeling you're mixing refactoring with rewriting.

      Writing tests before doing changes usually suffices.

  2. Absolutely. And I totally resist the refactoring urge - so much other fun to do :-)

    But the good news is: Actually by now I believe there would be a path to clean up ADOM's source code somewhat... if done with measure. There are some things that are tremendously unwieldy (and very inconsistently handled across the code) which definitely would need a clean up. But that's a topic for another time... if we manage to breathe new prolonged life into all this (e.g. by being successful on Steam or something similar).

  3. Neat. When is the new prerelease?