Monday, December 3, 2012

And so it truly begins...

As announced elsewhere I have managed to free most of December by taking a month of unpaid holiday (sabbatical, whatever you like to call it)... mostly. Here's what I plan to do.

During December only the Fridays have been reserved for work at QuinScape (and two more days for lectures with students). These days will be appended to the end of my sabbatical month in order to maximize the time available for ADOM.

I plan to spend this month by living what to me comes closest to the life of a rock star - I'll try to live like a solo game designer. Which I last managed almost 15 years ago when I still was a student and could work on ADOM all day and night.

So starting today (I needed the weekend to recover from the past couple of work weeks) I'm going to catch up with all the delayed work from the ADOM: The Resurrection crowd funding campaign. The rough schedule looks like this:

  1. Spend today getting left over administrative and tax stuff done (contract details, payments, appointments).
  2. Catch up with information from the forum, comments and other places.
  3. Start working on ADOM by implementing stuff (finishing Chaos Knights first, then Mist Elves, then... we'll see... wherever creativity strikes first).
  4. After December, 10th, I'll start adding all the donor rewards to the game.
  5. In parallel I'll continue to write the ADOM Lite RPG.
  6. Intermingled I'll catch up with postings promised after the end of the campaign (e.g. lessons learned - I learned a lot more since then).
So nothing truly surprising but I'm looking ahead to a hopefully magical month of unending creativity and programming joy. Read ya soon!

P.S.: If you are a donor in the ADOM: The Resurrection crowd funding campaign please hurry! Only one week left to specify your virtual rewards and only one-fourth of the donors so far responded... I'm really shocked! Click here to pick up your rewards right away!