Thursday, December 6, 2012

ADOM: The True Resurrection - Summary of Day #3

Hi everyone!

Just a quick summary:

Sadly tomorrow is a normal workday, so I'll not have any more updates...


  1. HELL YES! Oh, see what I did there?

  2. No entry for Chaos Knights in the manual?

    1. After a playthrough, either I really suck with Chaos Knights, or it's really, REALLY hard to score points with Chaos Knights. I died at level 9 with -15201 points.

      A bug?

    2. Oops, I had written the entry but I guess we forgot to recompile the manual. Damn.

  3. Could you post the entry then, so we can have a look before next version? For those who don't have prerelease access, it would qualify as a "teaser" :)

    1. See my (misguided) response to the comment below for your teaser :-)

  4. Wait, what? Oh no! My stomafilia piety backbone! Nooooo! You monster!

    1. Here we go with the entry - sorry for being late, I missed this comment:

      CHAOS KNIGHTS -- Chaos knights are the dark war leaders of the legions
      of Chaos. Former members of the common races they have fallen to the lure
      of Chaos, having become corrupted and tempted. Now they serve as
      might warriors and brutal fighters on the war-torn battlefields of
      Ancardia. Clad in mighty armors, wielding brutal weapons they slay
      their foes left and right and cherish the brutal massacres in which
      they partake. They are lost to Law and Balance and their only aspiration
      is to become the mightiest warriors of Chaos, potentially ursurping
      their leaders and toppling their reign to instill an even more brutal

      Chaos knights are trained in the following skills: Athletics,
      Backstabbing, Dodge, Find Weakness and Two Weapon Combat.

      The more powerful chaos knights become the more effectively they wield
      the forces of Corruption. At level 6 chaos knights being to regenerate
      wounds when they become infused with corruption. At level 12 they receive
      a speed bonus of +1d(level) (determined each turn anew). At level 18
      they gain a weapon skill level bonus of +1d8 with each melee weapon
      they wield (determined each turn anew). At level 25 they receive a random
      bonus of +1d(number of corruptions) to Strength, Dexterity and Toughness
      (determined each turn anew). At level 32 corruption starts to work
      more slowly on chaos knights (only 50% effectiveness if they have 10
      or more corruptions, only 75% effectiveness if they have 5 or more
      corruptions). At level 40 they receive a damage bonus of +1d(level)
      when fighting with two-handed melee weapons (determined anew each turn).
      At level 50 they receivea PV bonus of +4d6 (determined anew each turn).

    2. Ups, reply to wrong comment. 2.5 hours of sleep slowly show ;-) My reply refers to the comment above.

  5. I'm guessing score for chaos knights starts out way in the red because corruption points are worth negative score. This might still be intentional.

    1. That sounds right. I realized it after I made the comment.