Monday, December 3, 2012

Updates to the ADOM self service portal

In order to answer a few more questions and help those people who seem to have problems with their passwords I have added a couple of things to the ADOM self service portal:

  1. There are more explanations on the login screen. Read them carefully if you are confused.
  2. When you request a password the on-screen response will be more detailed in order to tackle a few special cases that I so far had to process manually.
  3. Anyone who is allowed to specify a magical statue now can see how his text and description will appear in the game (when logged in). Please check your descriptions as there were some questions about the correct format. The portal now displays how your input will appear in the game. If it doesn't seem to be correct please adjust the text.
And some repeated clarifications:
  1. If you are a 'Questor' level donor (or above): Address verification will be handled separately. Don't care about that detail right now.
  2. If you are a 'Seeker'-only level donor: You are not expected to do anything right now.
  3. If you receive some virtual rewards be sure to pick them up at the ADOM self service portal as soon as possible. Time for that runs out on the 10th of December.
Thanks a lot for your patience. I'm now off to answer the remaining mail requests for help... and then I hopefully finally will be able to work on the other administrative stuff to be then hopefully finally able to program... so much for the rock star life of a solo game designer ;-)

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