Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Minor setback: ADOM @ Steam Greenlight (fallen from 9 to 10)

Short update: ADOM has fallen from rank 9 to rank 10 on Steam Greenlight. As competition is pretty fierce at the top this was to be expected, especially given the fact that it's quite hard to raise more awareness for roguelikes (after a good start).

So what can be done? Probably not much right now if the press doesn't pick up some cool ADOM story. What can you do? My impression is that the number of favorites and followers also factors into the Steam ranking - so if you already voted for ADOM you might consider also marking it as a favorite and following it ;-) Maybe this gives us another nice push.



  1. I would strongly recommend to contact RPS folks. They are very fond of indie and good roguelikes so they can post info about ADOM greenlight.

    They did posted info about resurrection campaign before ;)

  2. I wrote up a little piece on ADOM being greenlit last week. Not sure if it helps but here is the link: