Thursday, June 12, 2014

ADOM has been greenlit on Steam!!! (hooray and thanks!!!)

On the 11th of June, 2014, we made the next big step: ADOM has been among the 75 titles to be green lit today!

Our campaign ran for a total of 27 days before being greenlit.

In the name of Team ADOM I just can say: Thank you all so much for the incredible amount of support and feedback we have received over the past couple of weeks. Once again it has been an amazing journey and now we are at a very important and interesting point: The jump to Steam.

I yet have to validate this but I believe that we scored a number of records for the roguelike genre on Steam (as far as I know - confirmation coming later - so much to do now ;-) ):
  1. ADOM is the oldest roguelike game to ever make it to Steam (one of the foundational four or five roguelike games, depending on how you count).
  2. ADOM is the first ASCII game ever to make it to Steam (although we mostly push the graphical mode for obvious reasons).
  3. ADOM probably is the roguelike game which needed the shortest time to be greenlit on Steam (this I still need to check - sorry if I am wrong on this one ;-), comments welcome).
  4. ADOM probably is the oldest computer game still in development to ever make it to Steam (20 years as of today).
We are awed and we promise that we will do everything we can to make the first Steam release the most awesome ADOM release ever. Currently we are putting a very strong focus on modernizing the UI and making ADOM an awesome gaming experience for a much wider audience (without watering down the strengths of ADOM or its depth of play). As ADOM development (also on Steam) will continue for a very long time to come improvements will be incremental (as usual) but we are fully aware of the importance of a gleaming, shining, nay, radiating first release on Steam. So I guess sleep will have to wait for a couple of months ;-)

Thanks again to all of you - you are the most awesome community ever!!! Thanks also to Team ADOM from me personally once more, specifically to Jochen, Krys, Lucas and Zeno - it has been an inspiring and great journey so far and I am very much looking forward to the exciting ride ahead of us!!!

Thomas Biskup & Team ADOM


  1. Congratulations! Is steam version of ADOM also in ASCII or is there only going to be graphical one?

  2. Congrats, welcome to the ever-growing family of "old school" RLs to make it to steam :)
    Although I'm sorry to say you're not the first part-ascii game (ToME does ascii too) :)

    Anyway, good job! enjoy!

    1. Ah, I've never seen the ASCII mode of ToME. Thanks :-) !

    2. Hi DG. :D

      I'm so excited that ADOM is going to be on Steam. I would have never discovered ToME had it not been for ADOM.

  3. Yay! Congratulations!
    Any estimation on release date? Price?

    1. Hopefully soon (although it still is weeks away - the first version on Steam needs to be really awesome and stable) for a price probably in the $10-$20 range (which seems to be about the range of similar games).

  4. Awesome news. Well deserved! Looking forward to seeing this in my steam library.

  5. Awesome. ADOM will be my first ever steam purchase. :)