Sunday, May 18, 2014

The state of ADOM @ Steam

The state of ADOM @ Steam in once sentence: We are progressing pretty well. ADOM is campaigning in Steam Greenlight since May, 16th, 00:00. So far we have collected (as of the point of this writing) 51% of the votes needed to hit the average number of yes-votes for a top 100 Steam title (2880 yes-votes, if you are curious). This is good but not yet good enough so I just have to ask you to continue spreading the word!

The biggest surprise for me is that - when reading both the comments section and the Steam forum - there are so many old time ADOM players who had forgotten about the game and not even heard about its resurrection, the latest feature and the upcoming plans. Tells you what a tiny niche we are when probably 99% of the Internet doesn't even know about us ;-) On the other hand we hopefully can activate that potential (given the fact that ADOM generated hundreds of thousands of downloads with each new version just from the official site in its prime days at the end of the 90s, there seems to be a huge untapped potential).

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