Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Slowly redesigning the blog

I have started to slowly alter the blog layout. A long while ago we had an ADOM II design competition and for more than two years Kalle Kolaris header served us well (thanks once more). But now we are slowly creating a unified ADOM brand and Krys' ADOM designs (derived from the awesome tiled graphics we now have) will become a prominent feature of the new design.

If you don't see any changes please shift-reload this web page. Their should be a new awesome logo and header at the top of this page. And for the sake of completeness, here it is, too:

More changes to come over the next couple of weeks. And also will receive a revision soon. Obviously ADOM is currently in focus and ADOM II rests on the back burner...


  1. That's absolutely beautiful!
    Still a bit sad to see my banner go though, I got used to coming to this site and thinking "yay, I made that!" :P

  2. "a cooperative play mode" in one of the IndieDB-comments? What up with that? :)