Friday, May 16, 2014

ADOM now on Steam Greenlight

Hi everyone!

Tonight at around midnight German time, ADOM has entered the Steam Greenlight process. If you ever enjoyed ADOM, please vote for ADOM on Steam Greenlight. We'd like to make ADOM the most awesome roguelike to ever grace Steam and your help and support are dearly needed for that.
Here's the link to the Steam Greenlight page and here's the Steam group for ADOM.

Thomas & Team ADOM


  1. How much will cost ADOM on Steam?

    1. The final pricing has not yet been determined. Given the fact that ADOM will continue to receive a steady stream of updates I'm right now thinking about the "just under $20" range, but there are good arguments for lesser prices but in game purchases (of features like an exploration mode, *man challenges, etc.). It's a very difficult question and I'm also looking forward to see whatever Valve is going to recommend.

  2. And seeing that games like Rogue Legacy also are priced 14,99 EUR I don't see why ADOM would be worth less.