Friday, May 30, 2014

ADOM now ranks #27 on Steam Greenlight (out of 1657 titles)

It's been another amazing night (well, over here in Germany it was a night) for ADOM on Steam Greenlight. While I yesterday was wowed by ADOM scoring rank #50 on Steam Greenlight, today we have climbed to rank #27. What can I say. I guess we here at Team ADOM now are uber-wowed by this amazing climb towards the top. Still just 14 days on Steam Greenlight (soon 15) and we have grown by ears and bounds. Still 26 places to go and I have some doubts that we'll be able to do that once again overnight but it's a very nice feeling dreaming about such things ;-)

Here's the latest chart from Steam (of 'yes' votes). Light green as usual is ADOM, easily recognizable by the steep curve :-D

The other lines as usual are the titles ranking #5, #10, #15, #20 and #100. Obviously all of them are much longer on Steam Greenlight as we currently (for the time we are there) probably would rank #5 or higher (the latter being hard to judge as Steam Greenlight doesn't provide any comparison to ranks 1 to 4).

The slight flattening of our curve indicates that I need to think of something new to reach even more roguelike fans and old time ADOM gamers (because everyday we are rediscovering more of them).

So keep it up and make ADOM the most blazingly successful roguelike game ever on Steam ;-) In return we'll really try hard to innovate roguelike gaming on Steam. You should see our internal discussions at Team ADOM - cool ideas flying around. Now we just need to find the time and budget to implement them. But it surely looks as if ADOM is heading into a bright future.

P.S.: One comment on Steam Greenlight asked why we would want to charge money for a decade old game. A very sensible question that made me smile: Because ADOM is like a good wine and gets better with every year! But you never need to stop sipping it as you can't run out of supply :-)

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