Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose...

Today I finally converted the highscore display to an ASCII version (as mentioned on DevState). The ASCII version now can be used in both the immersive UI mode and the windowed UI mode. I stumbled upon quite a number of bugs still hidden in the immersive UI mode which I managed to fix but a few more are left.

And I discovered a strange kind of happiness playing gnome commoners... it's so exciting to survive at least one fight ;-)

Now I'm off to convert the experience display to a decent ASCII display - I discovered that this dialog also needs to be converted and I so far had completely forgotten about it.

So one more task finished and a new one discovered.


  1. "Lose" (verb) is written with precisely one (1) "o". "Loose" (adjective) is a different word and has a completely different meaning.

    Anyway, I can't wait for the next version a) because of the new UI mode and b) it's been months since the last release. :-)

  2. @Laukku: Oops, thanks ;-)

    The headline has been updated, sadly the URL can't be changed as far as I can see.

    But the experience dialog now also has been refactored and DevState was updated again. Two tedious tasks finished this weekend.

  3. Lose/loose is a very common error with people who have English as their first language. I've even had arguments with people who defended the incorrect one for the situation. Don't worry about it :)

    I wonder if the two have similar spellings in German?

  4. They don't; one would be "lockern", the other "verlieren". If they were similar in German as well, I think the mistake would be easier to avoid for German native speakers at least.

    The one at fault here is squarely the English language for having homophones with almost identical spelling, but entirely different meanings. (Ignoring the consideration that to loosen something could mean you're soon to also lose it.)

  5. can we get a total deaths counter at the high score table? i also think it'd be really cool if you had a page with all the possible ways to die, and they'd get checked off each time you died that way. a good way to keep track of all those poor adventurers