Friday, February 24, 2012

Post #101: Design studies for ADOM II

As I mentioned in another place trying to merge the ideas of Ravenmore and Wojciech didn't work out. I fully understand the reasons and again have to thank Wojciech for his incredible submission. Nonetheless Ravenmore now will continue to work on the final layout. He's got a number of great ideas and I am pretty excited about how all this will work out. Here's another preliminary design study, showing off the direction to which things are moving. Comments are welcome and Chris (Ravenmore) is also curious about feedback.

And here we go:

What do you think?


  1. Stunning. I love it.

    And since you are asking for feedback, I would add a little more space between ADOM and II in the logo.

  2. Nice. I'd like to see a more...rustic/ornate...texture for the stonework---a more gritty opulence if that makes any sense. Not photo-realism mind, just more stylized.

  3. I like the addition of the greenery. It hints at the world outside of the dungeons which is a large part of ADOM II. I thought the original design looked too gloomy and this helps mitigate that problem.

  4. Looks great to me except that the low contrast between the text and background makes it hard for me to read.

  5. I'm finding black text on a dark grey background a little difficult to read. More contrast would be nice!

  6. I like the logo block direction, but it now seems to be a bit out of sync with the other parts of the site design, since there are no other elements with the diagonal perspective (aside from the candle). Some visual way of connecting the perspectives, like in the initial version, would be very nice.

    And I'd also keep the "@" from the first version. It connects the look to the roguelike context, without it the logo block is much more generic.

    The letterspacing, especially in "II" could be worked on. "ADO" also has some shading on the bottom of the letters and the rest of the letters don't but I suppose that is still a work in progress. And I agree with Lyle, the body text contrast is quite low.

    I'm looking forward to see further versions!

  7. I like the visuals, but they may be too cartoony for ADOM II's style. I always visualised ADOM to be something like Tolkien's world, which is not really cartoony.

    Just my opinion though. Most of you will probably disagree.

  8. I like it! Better than I expected. But I agree that it needs a touch more realism, it's too plastic and cartoony right now. And the black-on-gray text is totally unreadable.

  9. I really like it! I only have 2 minor comments.

    1. Why is there a tiny period between the "A" and the "D" in the main logo?
    2. Shouldn't it say "Legends of Ancardia" as the sub title below ADOM II rather than " ancient domains of mystery"?

    Really nice work.

  10. That's a really nice design and I think it will help to increase interest in ADOM II.

  11. Agreed on the contrast ratio, and at the same time I'd ask is that neon green really necessary for links? When I look at the page, all I can see are the links... try to read the content, but my eye just gets tractor beamed over to the tag cloud on the right. It's practically shouting for my attention. : D

  12. Text is hard to read.
    Background is too dull.
    Logo is separated from other parts of site.

  13. I'd like to see the @ back again at the top of the steps.
    Additionally, the isometric view in the logo means you have a lot of blank space. How would it work if it was at less of an angle (just enough to show 3D-ness)? This might allow a bit more space for the II to be a little more distinct.

    1. Oh, ooops - looks good, by the way.