Monday, February 6, 2012

Some random ships added (and other minor stuff)

Now each game of ADOM II will include a few randomly generated ships "sitting" somewhere on the world map. Might come in handy occasionally. Later on there will also be pirate ships, sea monsters, etc. But not before finally getting into a decent "release early, release often" cycle. I have updated DevState accordingly and shifted a few more tasks around. Additionally I today fixed a few more irregularities I accidentally introduced into shops - they work once more. As well as left-clicking for movement to a known position. Minor details but they will be handy in the next release.


  1. There is seriously so much cool stuff you can do with ships! Ghost ships, pirate ships, shipwrecks, finding a stranded survivor on a raft in the middle of the ocean, merchant ships which travelling between ports which you can use to travel/guard/rob, undersea cities, sea monsters, storms, whirlpools, have an "edge of the world" (where water just pours off the side of the world, and going over the edge kills you)...

    I know you use the "release early, release often" strategy, but the fact that you're working on the game so regularly is good enough for me. If you want to spend a few more days on ships, I'm totally fine with that!

  2. Yep, I agree... I'm also totally fine if he spends some more days with ships... *after* the release! ;)