Monday, January 23, 2012

Updates concerning the ADOM II design competition

Folks, it's still time to get your ideas in and become a part of the legend ;-) The 24th of January is the deadline so you still can do it and become a submitter for the contest - even if you submit only a partial proposal!

One submitter (thanks a lot!) actually notified me of something stupid I did. The original call for designs included the following statement:
Include a note stating that you grant all rights to me to use parts or the whole of the submission for whatever use I decide upon (see above). This point is important and submissions missing that will be ignored.
Naturally I only meant that for the selected submission. I do not intend to "rob" anyone of their creations and even if for some reason I'd like to use more than one submission I'll talk to you beforehand to discuss that. You do not need to give me a free permission independent of the final outcome of the contest.

And now keep more submissions coming - we could need a bit more input (although I already got cool stuff). But considering the amount of people implying support for a graphical version I would have expected a bit more input :-) !

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  1. I guess I'd also like to see a graphical version (though I'm just fine with ASCII), but... you call your artistic abilities "limited", mine have to be even worse. :D