Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ads on the blog

You might have noticed that ads have started to appear on this blog. Actually I'm pretty unsure whether I really like this and I might decide to remove them again pretty soon as I usually am not fond of ads on blogs. Nonetheless this is a test to see if any worthwhile sums of money aggregate with those ads as that would help to cover the costs for server and blog hosting (something like 75 EUR per month for all the infrastructure combined - not much but I still need to find time to use a much leaner and cheaper infrastructure.

So if you do want to do me a favor - click on a couple of ads and visit the offerings every time you visit this site. It generates income to support ADOM and JADE ;-)

Should JADE: The Ultimate Edition (or as it probably soon will be called: ADOM II Deluxe) generate enough income the ads in any case will be the first thing to be removed once more.


  1. 75 EUR per month?! You're getting *seriously* crucified, unless I'm really missing something. You've got what, a wordpress installation, a forum, and some static pages. has an alexa rank around 450000 and has a rank >1000000... you're not exactly having to serve facebook/twitter/reddit levels of traffic here! So yeah maybe I'm missing something but you could probably do this for $20 USD a month and even that much is assuming you want a VPS.

  2. I only pay $10/month on Dreamhost. It's quite good for a blog, you get ssh access but no root (a plus for me because i'm too lazy to update things and keep them working).

    If you're interested I can make you discount code.

  3. The only real problem with a change is actually doing the change. I'd need to either port over all the old stuff (with wildly varying PHP and MySQL versions) or completely get rid of it. Right now I do not feel like getting rid of all the old ADOM pages though...

  4. Hey Thomas, I am really surprised - You are a professional developer and You are scared of migrating a blog or paying someone to do it? I am pretty sure that in 15 minutes You could find some free tools for this task. And 75 EU is a serious overkill.
    BTW, I wouldn't advise You to ask people to click Your ads, this is against google's policy and they are very strict with this.

  5. 75 eur / month ? 0_o
    I'm paying arouns 25$ / year for 3 php + mySQL sites hosting. Seriously, no joking.

    And you should remove line where you asking people to click at your ads. It`s against the rules of most AdServices and your site might get a permanent ban. At least Google are very serious at this point.

  6. I will chime in here and also say that 75€/mo is an outrageous price to pay. I pay that a year for the hosting that manages Roguebasin and some other sites. Take a single day off the development of ADOM II and move all of the stuff to another and you have saved enough money to take you and your family on a one week vacation each year.