Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scrolls ported from ADOM to ADOM II... finally

It took much longer than expected and the past couple of days have been filled with work but finally I'm done porting almost all the scrolls from ADOM to ADOM II. The missing ones are either story related or only work for items that do not yet exist in the game. Some testing still needs to be done but that hopefully will be finished a lot faster.

One more feature crossed out from the DevState :-)


  1. Awesome, at last we get to identify our stuff! Have you fixed the 'disappearing items' bug by the way? I hope you'll publish 0.2.3 after you fix that, one can't really enjoy the game with the inventory (excluding gold) disappearing every x turns :P

  2. Hurray! ADOM II has advanced to the Age of Literacy!
    (Arttu - I think next release is going to be 0.3...)

    1. Yeah, I think the Creator stated that somewhere. Too bad, I think a bug fix release is in order. :P