Monday, January 16, 2012

Lecture about ADOM II at the Advanced Technical College of Südwestfalen

Today is a kind of special day for me. While I'm talking quite often at conferences and workshops about varies topics (usually about OpenSAGA or the OpenGovernment Suite both created by QuinScape as well as about various software technology related topics) today I'm holding a lecture at the Advanced Technical College of Südwestfalen in a course given by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klug. The course is about software technology and my lecture will be about

Why computer (roleplaying) games and design patterns for enterprise software 
have a lot in common

The example naturally will be ADOM II and I will both show the game and illustrate how various concepts map to one other. Should be fun, the talk starts today at 2pm. Wish me luck ;-)


  1. Any chance for an English cliff notes? Congratulations on this accomplishment. It should help get your name out there.