Sunday, January 1, 2012

Music for JADE

Recently I totally fell in love with the Skyrim cover songs done by Malukah. I just wish someone would be doing such cool music for JADE. I'd love to add such music to the game. Since there are some offers from musically talented people on Facebook (but I'm happily welcoming more - who knows what comes out of it) there are now is a problem of lyrics...
So if you have suggestions for lyrics for a kind of JADE theme song post your ideas and suggestions here. Sadly I'm really bad at lyrics (and music in general) and never have written any lyrics, so I can't provide more ideas than "something based on the ADOM background would be cool".

Here are the songs I totally love and that nourished the idea of JADE music:

And here's the site of Malukah who sings the awesome songs above.

(oh, BTW, the deal with including the music in JADE probably would have to be that you get coverage, exposition and will be credited as much as possible for creating the stuff - but I [currently] can't pay royalties or anything - so you basically would have to grant me the rights to use the music and lyrics in whatever endeavor I continue with JADE; sorry for not being able to do more in that regard - although suggestions naturally are welcome!).


  1. Well, if lyrics are something stuck, there's always the possibility of shooting for something along more Vocalized lines as folks are inherently drawn to it the world over.

  2. My only request is that we don't put music into the game until we have a wide selection of tracks... I don't want to be playing a file for 2-3 hours while listening to the same 4 minute song loop over and over :)

    Regarding lyrics for JADE, I don't think we can do that yet - the main thing is because JADE is in an early stage of development, and we don't have much "lore" or "history" available, and there isn't enough depth yet to get a "feel" for what sort of world JADE is. In comparison, Skyrim has a lot of established lore/history, has a theme and feel (dragon-theme, etc). In every second line of the song lyrics, they make a reference to a skyrim person/place/thing.

    I think it can be done, but as JADE nears 'completion', you will get better and more specific lyrics :)

  3. I do like the idea of a JADE soundtrack, but Lyle has a point here, you need several tracks to start with. Maybe a first step could be the creation of some "ambient" sound effect "loops", e.g. for the village/city, dungeon, wilderness, etc. Personally I would not create fixed "loops" but play the sound effects randomly.

  4. I agree with instrumental or just vocalization.

    One; words would sort of take me out of the game, and two; I'm not sure lyrics could be written for enough songs that a full game wouldn't become incredibly repetitive, and not have a few real stinkers in there.

    Or I could get proven wrong :) It's just that for me, so many songs start out amazing, and then fall on their face once you hear the lyrics.

    Also what would the lyrics be *about*? Currently there's only one quest, and I feel like some uppity Orcs barely count as momentous (not to rag on the work that's gone in, but orcs only danger past level ~10+ in ADOM was to make you waste a turn mulching them up in a corrupting dungeon.) And since there would be constant updates and new quests, we might end up with the equivalent of an ADOM playthrough where five songs are about the puppy, 6 are about the carpenter, three are about the pyramid, and one each for Filk and Andor Drakon. (That's probably not the order your wrote those quests in, but I wasn't around for the creation of that world)