Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Help launching ADOM on Steam (release date announced, too)

The wheels are turning faster: After we yesterday submitted ADOM to Valve for review for the upcoming Steam release, we today got the official "go". That was way faster than we had expected and now we are hurrying to catch up. And we need your help to make this a big success. Which in turn would allow us to continue to work on ADOM for a long time to come (at least we hope so). Here's what you can do...

ADOM now is available on Steam in the "Coming Soon" section. We are very busy preparing some more media activities, PR and other stuff for the upcoming release.

The release date has been set to
Monday, 16th of November, 8pm GMT+1 (11am US Pacific time)

Now I need your help in preparing the PR campaign supporting the launch. As for all games it will be critical for us, too, to garner as much attention as possible. Having a stalwart community probably will be a major boon but everything counts. What you can do:

  • If you enjoy YouTube or Twitch and have favored channels reviewing games (especially RPGs and roguelikes, but everything is worth an attempt) please provide me with specific contact data for spokespersons of said channels (preferably email) and a link to the channel. I'd like to add as many people as possible to my launch campaign list (which currently contains about 200 people) in order to try getting them to review ADOM and stream about it.
  • Support our Thunderclap campaign by joining it and spreading the word about it!
  • Visit our Steam store page and give us feedback. If there is stuff we should improve there's still time to do it :-)
Boy, are we excited. The big moment is coming :-)


  1. Yay! I've been purposefully ignoring update posts for this game so it can be a surprise when it's released :) So any announcement regarding the price of the game? And will crowdfunding backers get a complimentary Steam key? Been so long since I backed the project that I completely forgot if we actually get one or not!

    1. Price will be $14.99 and equivalents. Backers of $40+ /(in whatever combination) received a free Steam key.

    2. I haven't received a steam key, yet i donated 40$

    3. As I got several inquiries: Steam keys were sent to backers of the original _crowdfunding_ campaign. Not the later prerelease access. I never implied that as the Steam key reward was reserved for the Indiegogo backers.

      Correct me if I'm wrong ;-)

    4. i donate $40 (Perk: Seeker). Is I can receive a Steam key?

    5. As far as I can tell, the way to get your crowdfunding Steam Key reward is to log in to the ADOM portal (the one we all signed up to when we added our names to the Book of Donors for in-game credit) and scroll down to the bottom, where each person's total donation amount should be listed (along with a link in case yours is showing incorrectly). If yours reads $40 or more then right below that should be a Steam Key.

      If you can't log in despite being a valid crowdfunder or the amount listed is incorrect, the person to contact is just above you ;)

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