Sunday, November 15, 2015

Final update before the ADOM Steam launch

ADOM is going to launch tomorrow (16th of November 2015) on Steam. 8pm GMT +1 or 11am US pacific time. It will launch at a price point of $14.99, 12.99 EUR and similar regional prices. Today accordingly was yet another day with lots of marketing activities.

  • I have been contacting roughly another 120 Twitch/Youtube streamers and new reviewers I identified along the way. Hopefully this will create some more visibility. 
  • Zeno fixed one more bug in the golden master. Resulting in another even more golden master ;-)
  • Lucas provided some great music scores that soon will find their way into another ADOM video.
  • The Thunderclap campaign is at 270% - sadly still a bit removed from the 500% I hoped for. Although that number is deceiving in any case as the reach is more important than the number of subscribers. So please support us if you haven't done so far by clicking on the link above and registering!
Some pople asked whether we would provide 2-packs or 4-packs with licenses (Christmas seems to be coming). Sadly Valve/Steam currently seem to have suspended these programs and are re-evaluating them. So for the time being we can't provide any bundled packs and remains to be seen if they ever will return.

I also found no way to activate pre-ordering - some people asked for that, too.

Finally we are still wondering (and actually haven't decided due to lack of time) if we should do some kind of special event tomorrow to celebrate the launch. Maybe an AMA on Reddit, a chat on IRC or Steam or something similar? I personally currently favour a chat in the ADOM Steam group but I am not sure how well the Steam chat performs with larger of participants. Probably more than well enough for our needs but I just don't know.

Any opinions or wishes? I'll decide before midnight tonight (so we have another 4 hours of time to decide).


  1. Consider twitch stream as they are super popular.

  2. Consider twitch stream as they are super popular.

  3. Here are two Let's Players that you might want to contact:

    Splatter Cat: Splattercatgaming[at] (Plays the occasional Rogue Likes. Awesome presentation with lots of humor.)

    Gordon Overkill: (IMO, the best ADOM let's player out there.)

    Sorry for being so late and for not having an email address for the second recommendation.

    1. I would like to again stress that you contact Gordon Overkill, he's been very good about promoting your product and wholeheartedly supports you.

    2. No need to contact me, since I already intended to record something anyways. Still I'm glad to hear that you enjoy those videos :)

  4. I suggest some users write reviews on metacritic. is a sad view...

    1. I get the following error when I attempt to add a MetaCritics review: "It is not possible to submit a review prior to this game's official release."