Thursday, November 12, 2015

Countdown to the Steam launch... results of the day


The official ADOM launch on Steam is coming closer... 4 days left. We are very busy with support activities for the launch:

  • Our Thunderclap campaign already succeeded (see banner to the right). Nonetheless every supporter counts in order to be able to make a big impression on Monday. So if you do not yet support the campaign please think about it and (hopefully) join it! You need to have a Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr account and can use any or all of them to support us (so optimally you support the campaign with all your accounts). Thanks a lot!
  • I sent out the first batch of emails with free Steam review codes to magazines, interesting YouTubers and various review sites (a total of 84). Hopefully this will help to support interest. I'm still looking for more reviewers and will continue to work on our PR list.
  • Team ADOM has been discussing whether we still might manage to have some Steam trading cards available when launching. We are hopeful but I won't promise anything ;-)
  • We once more have updated the official ADOM website to get it even more ready for the launch on Steam.
So there's still a lot to do and we are really excited about finally launching :-)

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  1. The website still describes both the forums and the steam group as the "best place to get you started on your ADOM journey"...