Thursday, November 19, 2015

ADOM R62 (version 2.0.1) released on Steam

It's still true...

Sadly our very first release was plagued with some crash bugs and hangers due to some unwise last minute decisions. We believe that we have identified and fixed all these problems and thus are happy to announce ADOM R62 (version 2.0.1) as a Steam release.

The most important additions are:

  • 'u'se tool now is more intelligent: When you have no tool equipped it lets you select an item to use from your backpack (this is the first step to reduce the number of keys a new player will need to know - the second step with the next release will be to allow many uses, e.g. eating, drinking, etc. directly).
  • The 'explore unknown areas' command (w?) now also is bound to '-' (minus) to make it much more accessible. I already have become addicted and also have noticed a couple of areas where it should be made more intelligent (e.g. when discovering monsters and items; also something to do for the next step).
  • Additionally exploration mode now offers a wand of wishing with 42 wishes as people complained about our tough limit of 4. We live to please ;-)
For those plagued by bugs on Steam in the R61 (version 2.0.0) release we are happy to announce that

  • Alt-tabbing and shift-tabbing no longer should cause any problems.
  • There no longer should be any hangs when leaving the game unobserved in the background.
  • Reading spellbooks no longer should cause any NotEye problems.
  • Right-clicking on altars no longer should cause problems.
As usual you can find the list of changes here.

If we do not hit any other serious issues ADOM R63 will take a little longer as we intend to do some heavy-lifting on the UI side. The Steam release brought lots of interesting insights on how to simplify the UI without completely changing it and now I'm even optimistic that we might have Steam controller support at some not too distant point ;-)

And now go playing on Steam - the prerelease tester versions also will be uploaded soon (Jochen is working on it). The next free version will have to wait a little, though as none of these serious problems should have been present in ADOM R60.


  1. One (BIG) problem I'm having is the lack of offline play. I really want to play the steam version without a reliable internet connection, is there any idea on whereabouts in the priority-list that lies?

    1. If no major problems have been overlooked with R62 it's on the list for R63. We definitely want to have that, too.

  2. Any plans on implementing the cloud save feature? I play on two computers and not having it kind of sucks.

    1. We need to investigate more. To be honest the documentation for this feature from Steam is... horrible (when we looked at it about six months ago). There is no information about the complexities of syncing at all in those documents. It looked so bad that we shied away. We'll look again once the most pressing things (better UI, further bugs) have been handled. So maybe R63, more likely R64. I'll keep you updated.

    2. Thank you. In the meantime, I figured out how to sync the adom_steam folder via dropbox, so no worries, I got it covered.

  3. Thomas, is seeker level donators can get steam key?
    I send 2 mail (from and from, but not get any answer. :(

    1. Seekers did get steam key, try logging into the rewards page thingy, my key is sitting right there.

    2. ok, trouble is solve. Thank you again, Thomas!