Friday, January 4, 2013

ADOM 1.2.0p8 released!

Hi everyone! I'm happy to announce that Jochen saved my day by releasing ADOM 1.2.0p8 - my cold prevented me from doing almost anything useful today :-(

It's again a closed prerelease only available to people who donated to the crowd funding campaign at Wanderer level or above (Seekers excluded) and to anyone who decides to board the prerelease train as a late comer.

Here's the list of changes:
  • Feature 1300 - Add 45 new items (in progress)
  • Feature 1301 - Add 46 new artifacts (in progress)
  • Feature 1431 - Add 4 new monsters (in progress)
  • Feature 1612 - Implement the Duelist profession
  • Bug 84 - Weird Ogre Guardian
  • Bug 112 - Covered Pit Bug
  • Bug 770 - D:49 bugs
  • Bug 1329 - Using a blessed stetoscope on a 'detected' trapped door says there is nothing to check.
  • Bug 1407 - Can't train cooking with chaos knights
  • Bug 1408 - [Suggestion] Ghost Lords / Kings should give more XP
  • Bug 1412 - Perception modifiers
  • Bug 1414 - Stat potential lower than base stat for hurthling CK with strength decreasing corruption
  • Bug 1420 - Message for chaotic hurthlings eating black hurthling corpses
  • Bug 1429 - Confusion's stagger effect can be ignored by anyone
  • Bug 1430 - Kicking a stack of statues breaks the whole stack
  • Bug 1436 - Disarmed in a shop: lost ownership and un-ID'd
  • Bug 1440 - New star sign effects are not displayed upon creation
  • Bug 1441 - Ratling Archer Heir Talent causes error dialog
  • Bug 1442 - Crash while eating stomacemtia/alt tabbing
  • Bug 1443 - Rolled a Mist elf merchant. Died on the second turn.
  • Bug 1444 - Mist elf Chat with creation gives illogical message
  • Bug 1446 - Mist elven starting items
  • Bug 1448 - White necromancy not included in level up description
  • Bug 1451 - Mist elfs taking damage from metal doesn't stop reading
  • Bug 1455 - DV penalty when blind
  • Bug 1456 - Andor Drakon likes quarreling with himself?
  • Bug 1459 - Confirmation query when missile attacking 'Neutrals'
  • Bug 1463 - Stealth is totally broken, invisibility with low backstab being preferred for assassin-like play
  • Bug 1465 - Mist elf chaos knight starting equipment
  • Bug 1531 - Poisoned hands corruption not working as expected.

As soon as I recover (hopefully at the weekend) I plan to focus on adding as much reward stuff as possible (random special monsters in particular, but I'll also start on statues, the tome of donors and the first couple of new special levels).

Have fun in the meantime!


  1. Just in time for the weekend too!

  2. Thanks, Creator! Just closed the Chaos gate as a Ratling Duelist and barely got out alive. Most epic struggle I've ever had in ADOM to this day! Thank you so much!

    But could we do something about horrible baddies who just attacked the PC suddenly becoming unlawful to fight against? I got frustrated after I saw this for the 20th time:

    The black dragon breathes a stream of acid at you! You are partially dissolved!
    Really attack the Black Dragon? [Y/N]