Friday, January 11, 2013

Roguelike of the Year 2012: ADOM & ADOM II as #2, #3

The results from the poll for Roguelike of the Year 2012 have been posted. Congratulations to T.o.M.E. 4 for winning the poll! Personally I'm really flattered (and amazed) by taking both rank #2 (wit ADOM) and #3 (with ADOM II), particularly the rise of ADOM II feeling great. Thanks, folks, for the feedback and love - feel assured that we (Team ADOM) take this as a feedback that will continously drive us trying to create the best ADOM (and ADOM II) ever.

The goal for 2013 is obvious - we'll try to take #1... hoping for #2, too, probably is quite over-enthusiastic so I hope that we'll be able to re-establish ADOM as #1 for 2013 and keep ADOM II as #3 (for now ;-) ).

Here you can find the full results, here's a very detailed analysis, here's a year by year analysis (in Korean ;-) ), and you don't want to miss the honorable mentions for rank #4 to #10.

Thanks for your support, thanks for voting and now we'll resume going for #1 :-)

Thomas Biskup & Team ADOM

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