Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More races and professions in the next JADE release

Tonight was productive. I added eight new PC races to JADE (dark elves, drakelings, gnomes, gray elves, high elves, hurthlings, trolls and orcs) as well as two new professions (thieves and commoners).

Now for the tedious part... adding all the new equipment sets for the new combinations. That's really boring... *yawn*


  1. worse come to worse, just have everyone start off with a hat and a stick and make them find their own equipment

  2. do beastfighters, they don't need any equipment other than food and they're way more bad ass than all those stupid wizards

  3. I hope that the various races and classes are going to have their own sets of skills that are granted at caracter creation, like in ADOM. Right now JADE has a tedious-looking skill selection screen during character creation. Not really a problem in 0.1.4 as only a couple work, but when all of them do, selecting them is going to be tiresome. Creating a character should be as fast and easy as possible.

    Just make it so that certain character combinations train certain skills, and skills at level 0 don't show up when using or advancing skills. Training level 0 skills is illogical, magically learning new skills when advancing an xp level should not happen.

    Furthermore, I believe that certain skills should only be gotten in-game, like Courage in ADOM. This makes them more special and gameplay more rewarding, as you can gain new improvements to your character unavailabe at level 1.

  4. I wonder how all this is going to be balanced, and also how accessible Jade will become to occasional players, still offering some fun. (I still remember my first few attempts at nethack, which was not much fun, constantly dying within a few hunderd turns...)

  5. @Patrick: It needs only to be balanced enough to have fun. But to me it doesn't matter if hurthling commoners are extremely hard to play while troll barbarians might be pretty simple...

    But accessibility is a topic. There will be more random options at startup and then we'll have to see. Currently BTW the skill list is not really more complicated in ADOM... only the mechanics are different.

  6. I'm suprised you find giving out the starting equipment boring - I would have thought that would be one of the fun parts!

    Since elves are in, I bet that means we get elven chainmail now, awesome.

    I don't have a problem with classes/races being unbalanced, it would be silly if a halfling commoner and a troll barbarian were equal to each other. And most players are going to be able to guess reasonably well that a troll barbarian is going to work better than a halfling commoner.

    The skill list at the start is fairly daunting. I dropped all my points into healing/dodge, but that's mostly from adom experience. A new player might feel overwhelmed from just the sheer number of choices. I wouldn't mind seeing some skills like courage only accessable ingame from a quest, and seeing some (initial) restrictions on other skills based on race/class like in adom.

  7. Basically, there are skills that you can discover on your own, and then there are things that you have to learn from somebody. Maybe you could influence the education of your character? If you choose a monk, you'd have a choice of several masters to train under (one for barehanded fighting, one for staves, one for, say, speed and dodging), but you could only choose one. A wizard could select which basic spell to study (and would actually start with some knowledge of that spell, not just with the book!) A barbarian could choose to study with the warriors, giving him better starting proficiency with some weapons, or with the shamans, giving him the Healing skill and some knowledge of herbs. And so on.