Friday, September 16, 2011

Facebook subscriptions

As mentioned quite a number of times before I am happy to befriend ADOM & JADE fans on Facebook. Now Facebook seems to have a new kind of abonnement function which allows you to see the public updates of someone you are not befriended to. I'm offering this, too. So if you are an ADOM or JADE fan that would like to get updates on the details behind the scenes (especially of what I do with JADE) you can subscribe to my public posts.

But be warned: I use social networks with focus: You'll rarely find a private notice by me on Facebook. I don't use Facebook much for my personal friends and family and usually focus on ADOM & JADE. So if you are not really interested in ADOM and specifically in JADE as the successor of ADOM you won't get much out of following me on Facebook ;-)

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