Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The current release plan for JADE

Janne Huotari asked on Facebook about the JADE release plan. Right now it is pretty simple and straightforward. Here we go:
  • JADE 0.2.0 will be the first truly playable version with at least one defined "winner" ending. It also will be complete for the fighting types (e.g. all the melee stuff, skills, etc. will work). And there will be more than enough monsters and items to have fun (although not all item types will be available).
  • JADE 0.2.x will be the bugfix branch (with minor storyline extensions and the occasional item or monster) for that.
  • JADE 0.3.0 will introduce missile weapons and thrown stuff (also thrown potions). Archers and assassins will be added.
  • JADE 0.3.x again is the bugfix branch for that.
  • JADE 0.4.0 will introduce arcane magic (wizards and elementalists) and also spread magical knowledge among monsters.
  • JADE 0.4.x again is the bugfix branch for that.
  • JADE 0.5.0 will introduce divine magic (priests and druids) as well as a pantheon, prayer details, etc. pp.
  • JADE 0.5.x again is the bugfix branch for that.
  • JADE 0.6.0 will finish with bards and mindcrafters and other stuff I so far forgot.
  • JADE 0.6.x again is the bugfix branch for that.
  • Afterwards... we might have JADE 1.0.0 with more quests, stories and whatever. Actually I have not yet thought about that.
Along the way we will get ships, polymorphing into other beings, maybe an item construction systems, options to build dungeons, traps, etc.

The timeframe? My realistic guess would be that JADE 0.2.0 definitely will be about in about one or two months (I'm still targetting for September, 18th, but I guess this is extremely unrealistic).

Then I want to have a new major release (0.x+1.0) every one or two months. Sooner is better but there is a life to be lived.

And along the way a couple of other things are going to happen but for now these have to remain a secret. You will be surprised - I think.

All that is naturally subject to change at my whims but currently I am having a great time and a great run ;-) Stay tuned and spread the word: ADOM II is there and it's called JADE. And I will do my very best to make it the damn best roguelike game (and computer roleplaying game) ever!


  1. Awesome!

    Does the separation of the arcane and clerical magic implementation suggest a more significant difference between the two?

    Also, when you implement archery I would like you to consider adding a quiver as a piece of equipment. It could solve the problems with having large amounts of non stacking ammunition.

  2. That last sentence sounds very inspiring and promising...Im very suprised about pace that you gave yourself( in very positive way ;) ). When JADE was actually a myth i never believed that it will ever see the day light...Now i will have to apologise for my doubts. As it turning out( from post to post) it can really become breakthrough in rpg ...

  3. Dude. You've already produced one of the best computer roleplaying games (and tied best roguelike with the impossible-to-beat undying classic of Nethack) already! You should leave some space for others to make good games too. Oh wait, you already did that for a very long time! Good thing nobody stepped in and actually made anything even remotely as good as ADOM in that time.

    Now, enough with the compliments. Feed me content!

  4. I would really love the possibility to donate via Webmoney, because i do not have any of the options listed here :(, but i really like your work

  5. What I would also really like to see is which user suggestions you liked and are planning on implementing... which rumour types, monster prefixes and suffixes, or other things that you've been inspired by in posts. It would be interesting to see what's getting in!

  6. It is really good to see that development of JADE is moving along. Thank you for making ADOM and JADE :3.

  7. @Lyle: I had been thinking about that. For now I have decided to stay silent on that - except maybe for an occasional special post - in order to surprise folks with what gets in and what not. Be assured that I love many of the ideas and they are a fantastic source of inspiration for even wilder schemes. I'm very sure that over time you will see more and more things pop up in the game :-)

  8. '...item construction systems, options to build dungeons...' Very this. Go go gadget, insane customize-ability! The world has plenty of solid rogue-likes, and insufficient rogue-likes that let you build a dungeon.