Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More on the upcoming weapon skills

My last post about the upcoming weapon skills generated quite a few exciting ideas that I implemented right away. Here we go with the most recent additions to JADE 0.1.1:

  • Weapon skills have synergetic weapon skills, e.g. learning to wield a one-handed blunt weapon will help to wield a one-handed axe (e.g. it gives a 60% minimum level due to synergies; thus a 1H blunt skill of 6 would yield a 1H axe minimum level of 6 x 0.6 = 3 for synergy reasons). Note that you need to train the axe skill from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to increase it over the synergy level (mostly for game balance reasons but also because I believe that real training is different from synergies).
  • Weapon skills have been further divided: flails and maces have been separated and maces now are a part of one-handed/two-handed blunt weapons.
Below you find a screen shot of the latest version - not that synergy levels are followed by the real weapon skill level in square brackets:


  1. I am not sure if 1H weapon should give synergy for 2H weapons from "differen class"...after all, fighting style between 1H/2H is totally different too.

    I might have misunderstood that pic, but to me it looks like 1H Axe giving synergy with 2H sword...and I am not sure if it should be so. To me it should be that 1H Axe should only give synergy for 2H Axe and applicable 1H weapons.


    Mika Sihto

  2. Hi, Thomas! Cool to see how quickly you've reacted to comments left in the previous blog post. I'm very excited about new additions, and I've made some detailed suggestions regarding weapons and synergies in the feature tracker — please look at them when you have some spare time!

  3. Are you going to be implementing anything like the powers of ADOM. Even having a spell like system for marital attacks? If so it would be really cool to see some of these that are unlocked at certain levels of weapon proficiency, and that require that weapon type to use. Anyway loving JADE so far, I'll be following it closely.

  4. @Mozooh: Do not fear - I look closely at the feature tracker. For now I'm more into the bugs and the basic features I am missing but that will change soon and I always go for a good mix.

  5. @BatLad: Actually there will be powers available due to high weapon skills (at some point) and additionally JADE already has the concept of multi-classing and basic professions, advanced professions and master professions in order to allow a lot of character customization. An example might be that to become a Magus (advanced profession) you have to be a wizard or elementalist of level 12 or above with a couple of specific talents, a quest to be completed and a willing trainer. To become an archmage (master profession) you need to be a magus of level 8, a wizard of level 18 and ... Works the same for something like fighter -> weaponmaster -> sword saint although the prerequisites probably will be very different. And both high weapon skills and advanced and master classes for fighters will grant special powers.

  6. I have a thought about cross-training weapons. If you have (say) 10 levels with Axes (1H), and 60% of this goes into Blunt Weapons (1H) skill, which you have never used, then you will be unable to learn anything new about blunt weapons until you've earned six levels worth of marks.

    As an alternative formula for effective level, therefore, I would like to propose for consideration the following; that you take the _difference_ in level between the two weapon skills, multiply that by the cross-skill factor, and add it to the weapon whose skill you have the least marks in.

    Thus, for example; if the player has 10 levels in axes (1H) and 5 levels in blunt weapons (1H), then his blunt weapon (1H) effective skill level would be 5+[(10-5)*0.6], or 8 levels.

    In this manner, those extra five levels of blunt instrument (1H) provide a concrete advantage for the player even when he already has 10 levels of axe expertise. At the same time, in order to obtain blunt-instrument expertise to the same level as his axe expertise, he actually needs to obtain enough weapon marks with blunt instruments for all ten levels.