Sunday, July 3, 2011

Added versions and categories to the JADE issue manager

I just wanted to note that the JADE project management system now contains versions and categories, something I overlooked somehow before releasing 0.1.0. And after we have cleaned up the remains of yesterdays birthday party and I have looked through all the cool presents I am itching to work on JADE 0.1.1.

The sound issue is the first to be fixed because I noticed that there is exactly one sense (SOUND) for all implemented senses (like SPEECH, SIGHT, TOUCH, THOUGHT, ...) that needs to have a broadcast function actually. The others generate messages for a specific being but sound really is something that is emitted (or caused) by one being and can be noticed by many others. Just had forgotten to consider that. A nice example of incomplete domain modeling.


  1. Will speech result in broadcasting sound in certain cases ? Like hearing shopkeepers mumbling in dungeon in ADOM.

  2. Yes, such things can (or will) happen.

  3. I know this has nothing to do with this particular post, but, I just want to say that I'm enjoying the very first installment of JADE.

    One important bug that I have noticed is that whenever you wear something, it will take that item's weight and add it on to your current weight. If you remove the item, and then re-wear it, not only is the weight that was added not subtracted before re-wearing the item, but more weight is added on top of that.

    Also, when you drop something, it does not reduce your character's weight.

    I am not positive if this has been touched on some sort of forum (if there is one for this game, I am not sure) but I felt it prudent to mention.


  4. Did you follow the link to the project management system, Jesse? It's integrated with the official forum. It's rather active, especially now that JADE is live.

    If you want to help with JADE development and bugfixing, that is definitely the place to be!

  5. My thanks. And actually, I didn't, heh heh. Sorry.