Monday, July 11, 2011

Blog improvements

Today I noticed some minor shortcomings in this first version of the blog. Here we go with the latest improvements:

  • The menu bar now is black - fits much better to the JADE blog logo.
  • I have added a download link to the right. 
  • The contact information is now beneath the donations area. I still hope for more donations as I really could use a faster Mac for development... the more Java and Eclipse I use the more I notice that my tiny Macbook is a bit slow for that kind of stuff ;-) (hint, hint).
  • The sidebar titles now are underlined which gives the whole page a new structure.
  • The Facebook connection link has been added to the contact data.
  • The old ADOM blog now also has links to the JADE download area and the JADE blog.
Enjoy! I'm now going back to work on JADE...


  1. but the download link is on the right ---> xP