Sunday, July 17, 2011

JADE 0.1.2 has been released

I am still ashamed of the problem with JADE 0.1.1. Happily I managed to fix the crash problem and parallely could add another dozen of improvements to JADE. JADE 0.1.2 thus should work on all supported systems and sets a new record: two JADE releases on one day (even if I have to admit that the first one could have used some more care).

So without further discussion here is the list of recent changes:

* Added an FAQ section to the help menu.
* Added an NPE check to the error dialog so that it becomes even more stable
  even if JADE is breaking down.
* Renamed "Donate to support ADOM" to "Donate to support JADE" on the main screen...
  because that's what it's for.
* Pumped up shopkeepers. Now they are more worthwhile opponents (and with more
  equipment options will become even better; issue 231).
* Fixed a problem with daggers (no melee weapon skill associated with them).
* Fixed a special death message.
* Fixed a problem which made items be generated on shop doors (issue 231).
* Fixed the rather linear experience point progression (issue 240).
* Fixed a serious crash bug on Windows (issue 255).
* Fixed a problem with walk mode not stopping on stairs (issue 257).
* Fixed a problem with walk mode that sometimes caused doors to be opened
  automatically (issue 258).
* Fixed a problem with the "Credits" and "Dedication" menu (issue 259).
* Fixed a walk mode crash bug in settlements (issue 262).

Additionally you might want to look at the changes for JADE 0.1.1 as it was released but a couple of hours ago. Donations are welcome as usual and here we go to the downloads.


  1. Thanks for the amazing work :)

  2. Wondderful! Thank you

  3. I had really never expected this to come out. What a nice way to start my morning.

  4. Would it be possible to make it so that when you die, the game doesn't exit but goes back to main menu so you could immediately start a new character without restarting it?