Monday, February 18, 2013

ADOM 1.2.0p11 released!

I'm happy to announce the release of ADOM 1.2.0p11. At the same time I have to say sorry for the reduced amount of community interaction within the past couple of weeks. A series of family crises involving serious heart problems, strokes, sicknesses combined with various other minor annoyances really so far has made my start into 2013 pretty bumpy. Things slowly sort out and hopefully will take a good end but the past couple of weeks have been one long stretch of troubles and worries.
Luckily Jochen continued to move ahead and used my reduced activity to refactor one of the most ancient parts of the ADOM source code (and consequently one of the most confused, convoluted, contradicting and complicated parts) - the code covering line of sight, visibility, darkness and knowledge of places visited. He rewrote most parts and streamlined things enormously - which was an important requirement to get NotEye working a lot more consistently and hopefully also will weed out a multitude of ancient bugs.

I'm slowly taking up pace again and things from now on hopefully will proceed at a more decent speed once more.

Before downloading ADOM 1.2.0p11 please remember that this is a release with the limited access prerelease series - if you want to get in into the fun you still can join the program.

Otherwise please read the change log, log in to the self service portal and proceed to the download and particularly make sure that you read the details about the following two issues:
  1. Issue 1159 covers the details regarding renamed configuration files. If your configurations behave strangely here you might find the explanation. Although we expect everything to work just fine.
  2. Issue 1941 covers the refactoring of the whole internal code structures regarding visibility, tile knowledge, light and darkness. All our tests seem to indicate that the new code works just fine but as the old code was so deeply engrained into ADOM and there seemed to exist tons of special cases (now mostly gone) we cannot be 100% sure. So be particularly attentive to strange behavior regarding map drawing, examined map tiles, look mode, etc.
Finally here's the detailed list of changes:
  • Feature 1159 - Rename
  • Feature 1800 - Make cursor keys work with w in the default adom.kbd file
  • Feature 1916 - Repeat room message at game start
  • Feature 1941 - Refacture knowledge handling of ADOM for the NotEye integration
  • Issue 145 - Thief Autosearch Bug
  • Issue 763 - Unused light sources can allow the PC to see things in the dark
  • Issue 1111 - About Doors and Darkness
  • Issue 1147 - Graphics corruption in Amiga version
  • Issue 1292 - Graphical glitches
  • Issue 1518 - (Destroyed) doors show up in darkness
  • Issue 1523 - ADoM exits with status 1 when choosing not to restore game
  • Issue 1698 - Cursed scrolls of repair will "break" normally unbreakable equipment
  • Issue 1769 - Being interrupted by nothing
  • Issue 1778 - Fire breath on a boss leads to game breaking crash
  • Issue 1810 - Poison hands behavior inconsistencies
  • Issue 1835 - boss monster description typos
  • Issue 1840 - boss monster description uses default generic text
  • Issue 1885 - Bloody and crude daggers
  • Issue 1867 - Naming consistency - "spider bread" instead of "loaf of spider bread"
  • Issue 1877 - Wrong textual description of PC in monster memory
  • Issue 1881 - No animation for "icy blast" from ogre magi
  • Issue 1896 - Mithril scalpel ID'd and unID'd descriptions are wrong
  • Issue 1917 - Misleading Message For Encumbrance Preventing Duelist Class Skills


  1. Sorry to hear about the family woes. Hope everything sorts itself out as best it can.

    Really happy to see the very first patch notes relating to NotEye. As you may have gathered through my previous comments to date, NotEye is one of those new ADOM things that I am most excited about.

  2. Good luck to your family, Biskup! Tell them a fan sent kisses! :P