Friday, February 1, 2013

Another glimpse of the evolving tile set

Hi everyone! Here's another quick update of the evolving icon set for ADOM (and ADOM II). I keep loving the stuff Krys is doing and can't wait to release the first version with a somewhat complete tile set :-)


  1. so that's how a horrible zorn beast looks like!

  2. Amazing pixel art. Any possibility to have this animated?

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    1. How many tiles will be created overall?

    2. ~400 monsters (~160 unique).
      ~700 items (~130 unique)
      ~60 artifacts
      A few unique map sets (we have three atm)
      Just off the top of my head, might have missed stuff.

      Unique monster type is for example "goblin", the rest are variations using a similar base - like goblin berserker, goblin shaman, goblin rockthrower etc.

      I think fifteen hundred images total is a safe bet =) But only a fraction of that are truly unique images, and that's what makes all this possible.

  4. Animation would be great, I agree. Visible armor increases work 10 fold I know, but would add so much to the game!

  5. I think the Mad Minstrel and the Tiny Girl are probably my favourites so far. No way I'll be able to turn down her request for help with her puppy now.

    There are a few of them, though, that I have no clue which monsters they're meant to be. I think this means I need to spend more time readig the monster memory!

  6. These are all gorgeous and will give ADOM a really unique style.

    Love the blurry quickling.

    What's that horned thing hovering above a bonfire??? (2nd row from bottom)

    1. Fire demon or fire elemental (undecided yet).

      Although it's likely that guy will be changed as he doesn't quite fit the art style. That's why we're doing all the unique ones first, to make sure everything goes well together and nothing stands out too much from the rest :)

  7. The ADOM hits you.
    You feel poisoned!
    ADOM Leveled up!
    ADOM II Leveled up!
    ADOM II hits you with Tileset
    You feel Tilest!
    You miss ADOM
    You feel the poison running through your veins!
    ADOM is summoning Tileset!
    Tileset hits you
    You die...

  8. Can we have a happy tiny girl tile? It would be a nice extra reward for returning the puppy alive :)

  9. Wow, very fine pixel art. Great work. : )