Sunday, March 3, 2013

Graphical monster variants & tidbits

After spending the day with more paperwork and stuff regarding the crowd funding campaign I wanted to give you a quick peek at how Krys manages to shape the monster variants from the basic monsters he painted so far. I really love how these beasts are being individualized :-)

Additionally I can tell you that Lucas' compositions really are taking form now. He's been working on stuff for months and now is starting to finalize the first couple of compositions. Sheer awesomeness. I'm so much looking forward to the first release of ADOM with graphics and sound.

And now I'll be back to bug fixing and then tackling both the user defined statues and the new quests and special levels... so much fun ahead :-)

See ya!


  1. All looks so Awesome!

    Can't wait to see them in action!

  2. Excelent! As Jacob says, can't wait!

  3. This art looks so damn good. I hadn't even realized that monster types were going to be individualized like this -- so awesome!

  4. This pictures are realy impressive and excelent. Author is a genius. ADOM - is one of the best. Big thanks for Thomas and The Crew. Waiting for The Final Release... mmm... tasty...

  5. Question,

    Will there be a way to turn the music and sounds off? I'm excited to hear it at home, but as I often sneak a few levels of the ID or CoC at work, I'm sure my boss would want to know why all these *ahh! *swish* *ugg* *rawr!*s and crazy music were coming out of my laptop.

    The tiles look great, I cant wait for them!