Sunday, September 16, 2012

The final public prerelease: ADOM 1.2.0p3 is out!

As if you didn't know by now ;-) Jochen was much faster in updating than I and I guess I need to give him write access to the blog to prevent us from getting out of sync ;-)

ADOM 1.2.0p3 is the final public prerelease in the new line of ADOM development. All further prereleases only will be available to donors who pledged to the Wanderer level or above during the ADOM: The Resurrection crowd funding campaign.

You can find the changelog here - two things are most important:

  • The splash screen for the crowd funding campaign is gone.
  • ADOM Sage still doesn't work. It seems that ADOM Sage uses functions that no longer are supported by the updated library versions we are using. Jochen is checking whether we are going to release a patched version of ADOM Sage but personally I'd like to loose as little time as possible on that. So this place once again is your best chance to push me to include the most needed ADOM Sage features as soon as possible. Make your voice heard in the comments section and now that development is starting seriously it's a chance to alter the course of development if you are loud enough ;-)
Oh yes, and we fixed some more bugs ;-)




  1. In order of importance:

    1) Repeat Last Command function (using the ' key)
    2) Teleport to Staircase shortcut (using < and > during teleport prompt)
    3) Auto-swap with Friendly Neutrals
    4) Coloured Messages

    The sources to ADOM-sage (if you don't already have them) are available at:

    1. #2 seems like it would be complicated on levels with more than 2 staircases.

    2. Actually, ADOM Sage would toggle between both down stairs every time you hit the > key starting with the down stairs closest to your teleport start location.

      It was quite useful, especially in the Minotaur Maze...

    3. Is Sage can do it then it shouldn't be too hard to copy hopefully, since Sage is open source. The other big thing for me is mouse control for teleport. I assume though that at some point ADOM will be looking to have more extensive mouse support.

  2. Awesome! Just the good news I needed, on a otherwise dull day!

    Few questions: How are the donors going to get the access to further releases? Will be there some login IDs created or something?

  3. CheatMan> In order of importance:
    and macro-commands or any possibility to make keybinding for a1 a2 a3 like commands.
    i like to mark "first aid" as 1 and in sage.cfg write "Macro_1 = a1, and in sage.kbd "MC1: v".

  4. I looked at adom-sage;a=summary.
    seems only needs "initialize();" in line 238, in the INTERCEPTOR(wclear)() function. but since adom clears the screen quite frequently, maybe some check for real_wclear==NULL would be needed.

  5. I'd be happy with being able to change various colors.

  6. *heads off to read about ADOM Sage*

  7. Another very nice feature in sage is the option to suppress certain messages, like from phase daggers and rings of ice.

    By the way, switching automatically with non-hostile neutrals is nice to have, but please make it optional.. sometimes you may want to backstab them, while switching can also anger them sometimes.

  8. The most I liked with sage is the weapon statistics (which *really* helps in deciding which weapon is better especially when dual wielding). I think it also added the spell stats, but i never really used that much.

    Besides that, maybe not a sage feature but *absolutely* needed, is the color scheme for full screen support. It's basically just a configuration in the shortcut. but the new adom doesn't seem to be a true DOS. so it lost all the "dos" features like font, layout and color configurations which is a real pity... since it turns out quite unplayable for me.

    1. Oh. almost forgot.. second on the color messages. when there are so many messages printed, it really helps to spot the interesting ones (stat/skills/weapon updates, low life, etc.)

  9. Auto-swap, message suppression, extended spell/weapon stats.

    Ah, yes, font choosing would be _very_ nice.

  10. Auto-swap, extended stats, message suppression, coloring, repeat last command.

    Related: ;)

  11. Repeat last command is the most important. Coloured text is a distant second.