Saturday, September 1, 2012

ADOM: The Resurrection virtual party

Folks following me on Facebook already knew about it but I'd naturally like to invite everyone else, too. On Saturday, 1st of September, at 7pm UTC (9pm my time) we are going to hold a virtual ADOM: The Resurrection party on IRC.

Here you can find all the instructions... love to meet you all and party!

Thanks to Leon Planken, Tapani Harkila, Anders Andersson and Juha Suvanto for preparing and supporting this. I'm sadly as much of an IRC dummy as I was nine years or so ago when I last did an interview round on IRC. But I'm really looking forward to this and hope that we'll all be having a lot of fun!!!

See ya in about 20 hours... Thomas. Still exhausted ;-)


  1. May we bring beer? Whiskey? Rum? A domesticated troll carrying loads of Vodka? ^^

    1. No trolls allowed! Even domesticated ones (trolls can be domesticated?) :)

      As for everything else - whatever you like I think :)

  2. You should do a broadcast event in a Google Hangout - hoist your own flagon and tell us an ADOM inspired ghost story or something. ; )

  3. Aww, did I miss it? Or is the party still going on?

  4. The party was a success! Thanks Thomas & everyone at #adom!
    The non-spoiler free log is here: