Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The 'ADOM: The Resurrection' postprocessing woes

Wow, I really underestimated the effort for postprocessing all the pledge levels from the ADOM: The Resurrection crowdfunding campaign. Every troll out there deserves to get treated with a week or two of "crowdfunding postprocessing work". An accountant's dream... a programmer's nightmare. This week I'm double-checking all pledge levels I have noted down and it seems that a lot of people either forgot to send an email when upgrading their pledges (so I didn't notice) or the emails got lost for whatever reason. At least that accounts for about 95% of my pains. Then there are some folks who made a mistake due to the UI design of Indiegogo which is more easily corrected. And there were some special wishes I promised to fulfill. All in all it probably means yet another week of my time being spent on spreadsheets ;-)

Now for something important: There already have been a couple of mail accounts that no longer seem to work. Which means that I no longer can get into contact with the relevant persons... if you by now did not receive one or more mails regarding your pledge level from me there probably is a problem. I sent one mail per reward level for which you are eligible to.... (standard level from the original campaign, seeker, mega-legend).

Now for something else important: Some folks failed to add the shipping cost for the Master Thief level. I'll be getting back to you and we'll have to adjust your pledge for that.

Now for something also important: I did not send out any mails regarding the free ADOM Deluxe license (because I still need to sum up all pledges per user at some point). If you pledged $40 or more (in whatever combination) you definitely are going to receive a free ADOM Deluxe license. No need to ask. Thanks a lot!


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