Monday, September 17, 2012

ADOM: The Resurrection update

Hi folks! Quick update... I'm still doing preparatory work...

  • The contract stuff I mentioned is not yet through... due to delays in getting appointments, etc. So nothing serious going on here, just the usual delays with paperwork. I'm still bound to have everything done this month though.
  • I'm finally finished with entering all the manual upgrades and cross grades from the final days and weeks of the campaign. Man, Kickstarter must be a blessing if they allow to handle such stuff within their platform - as Indiegogo doesn't have that you are bound to have quite a bit of manual postprocessing to do. Next I'm going to sort all donations by pledge level and then start mailing folks to check if I entered everything correctly. This should be finished this week.
  • We got p3 out and I intend to start doing serious programming work on Wednesday (chaos knights & corruptions are my first targets :-) ).
  • I have laid out a huge blog posting on lessons learned. I still need to finish it though which probably will take another evening.
  • I have prepared some data about the statistics of the campaign... but finishing that also will take another evening.
  • I finally caught up with 99% of my mails :-)
  • Jochen finished our new and snazzy build system that allows us to deploy to all platforms within a matter of minutes. So we are set to start releasing early and often for all people who applied for Wanderer pledge level and above.
  • By now I have written down a lot of notes regarding the ADOM Lite RPG in my notebook. I'll now start some internal playtesting and then start typing things out. At some point I'll probably provide prerelease test PDFs to the Seeker and Master Thief donor levels although my guess is that this won't start before November.
Ok, so much for a quick update... see ya!

(BTW, I think I'm going to skip on the August update... in summary it can be said that advertising income to pay for the site way decent and once more is down to ruinous levels for September... oh, yes, and we finished the crowd funding campaign with a blazing success ;-) )


  1. Thomas, do you still have a day job?

    1. Yes, naturally. I still have a family, a house and about 25 years till I might retire. So why wouldn't I :-) ?

  2. Chaos Knight PC I'm excited for. Corruptions, not so much as most of my characters die before they start succumbing to the great evil.

    I'm actually really excited for the NoTEye implementation, the same style as on the NoTEye website for ADOM 1.1.1. Cleans up the old style ascii graphics but retains the charm and familiarity of the original.

  3. A quick thought, though maybe it's too late to suggest this. Have you considered hiring a virtual assistant that would handle a large part of the rewards bureaucracy for you, i.e. sending the reward confirmation letters in your names, compiling item requests, and so on? They are fairly cheap (few dollars per hour) and you can hire them e.g. on oDesk or Elance using a quite reliable rating and escrow system with very low risk.

    I can understand if you feel uneasy with outsourcing any job. But your time is expensive and surely us ADOM fans would like it more spent on actual coding and creative work than paperwork. :-) Also, you'd be spending wisely into the hands of actual people in the third world, giving them work and improving their economical situation.

    So, just food for thought. :-) Life is too short to have to deal with all the boring stuff oneself.