Friday, June 15, 2012

Sign of life: I'm back and things are rolling!

Hi folks!

Just a short notice - more coming over the next days: I once more have been on a vacation trip (that's it for this year... *sigh*) and while the vacation has been terrific I was without Internet success since the 28th of May... which surprised my somewhat :-^

Thus the total silence... sorry for that - I had expected to be able to communicate somewhat regularly.
The good news is that I was not passive and ADOM II is growing at good speed. Later blog posts will detail this but missile combat is about 95% done and I'm right now fiddling with some details and last minute rules additions. The new targeting mode IMHO is very neat (video upcoming) and missile combat should add the long-awaited new level of strategical variance to game play.

I hope to release ADOM II at the beginning of July (maybe 2nd ;-) ?) but this depends on how quickly I manage to finish the three major infrastructural additions planned:
  • new UI based on the new logo design
  • game music and sound effects
  • installer as an addition to Java Web Start
Game-wise archers and assassins still need to be added as professions but that should go rather quickly.

Besides that I have pondered a lot about the upcoming design of the revised magic system for dweomercrafters (wizards, necromancers et al.) and how I want this to be different from religion-based professions (priests, druids et al). The latter part will change significantly compared to ADOM Classic - another upcoming blog posts will elaborate my preliminary thoughts on these matters.

So in summary: ADOM II 0.3.0 is well on the way, the most complicated game additions have been finished and now I'm starting to turn my attention to the more infrastructural topics.

Read ya soon!

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  1. Sorry if you have written about this earlier, but I can't find search here. :) What kind of architecture does Adom 2 have? Event-driven? Do you use scripting?