Friday, June 15, 2012

May in review

Although I'm almost two weeks late I'd like to continue the tradition of monthly reviews of progress on ADOM II (and ADOM).

  • Ad income has increased by 80% (!!!) over the rather abysmal month of April (which was not that difficult but thanks nonetheless!). It has increased by 5,4% over the really great month of March - so real thanks for that. The running costs keep being covered which is a tremendous relief. June on the other hand so far looks horrible but that was to be expected given the total lack of new information during the first half of the month... I'll try to improve.
  • The merchandising shop for stuff related to ADOM and ADOM II has been opened. ADOM stuff is coming up at a slower pace over the next couple of weeks and months as for now I am focussing on game development and not on merchandise (the other way round really feels wrong ;-) ).  Interest so far is rather low but maybe it will pick up when more things related to ADOM to show up - at least this tells me where to put my energies I have ordered my personal heap of stuff ;-)
  • We so far failed to bring the new ADOM II design to blogger as we lack the necessary blogger knowledge for designing the templates etc. No expert has been found in the community, so I'll look into commercial solutions over the next couple of weeks - costs may be a prohibitive factor though.
  • ADOM II 0.2.8 (and before that ADOM II 0.2.7, ADOM II 0.2.6, ADOM II 0.2.5 and ADOM II 0.2.4 - whew, what a record of releases!) have been released and bring a closure to the 0.2.x development line. The next release - the one I am working on most days - will be ADOM II 0.3.0 introducing missile combat as the most major new feature.
  • I appeared on an episode of roguelike radio - fun :-)
  • We hope to get the infrastructural stuff required for an Indiegogo campaign finished by the end of June. Personally I'd personally still prefer to do the campaign on Kickstarter but so far there have been no news about their international efforts. Maybe you'd like to bugger them with a request to allow for international projects - I'd be grateful ;-) (go to Kickstarter help and click on the contact link at the bottom to submit a question regarding support for international projects).
Internally the most important step was to start off with ADOM II 0.3.0 - I'll try to increase the pace for major releases and will update DevState soon accordingly.

All in all things are proceeding well if somewhat slower than I had hoped for. More details upcoming...


  1. Thanks for checking in, Thomas! Looking forward to the near future of ADOM 2.

  2. For funding you should check out Very similar to Kickstarter, but they allow international projects. It's a French company.

  3. Missile weapon is a nice addition to a game, I hope to see new classes either.

    Tomas, I wish to know how soon you are going to write manual to Adom 2. As I can see you are transferring features of characters from Adom, so most parts of manual could be simply copied. Of course, I'm interested in a new stuff (espetially multiclass system) - give us information how it works!

    And thank you again for your work!