Friday, December 30, 2011

View modes in JADE... who uses them?

I'm right now finishing the final details of the new 'look' mode in JADE. Due to a bug I remained in a peculiar view mode that is not activated by default. And then I wondered if anyone out there playing JADE is actually using that mode.
The mode can be activated like this: Go to the "View" menu and select the following three menu options:
  • Bright visibility spotlight
  • Dark surroundings
  • Bold visibility spotlight
You get the following display:

When I remembered this view mode I thought that it might be a much better default than the current "unmarked" mode. The bright/dark and bold/non-bold display nicely shows the currently visible area. 

What do you think?


  1. Never used the bold part, but always the bright vision / dark surroundings setting. First thing I did when starting the game for the first time. :) I think that should be default, the bold is, for me at least, redundant & unnecessary.

  2. Nice, wish I'd found that before. Please make default.

  3. I use the bright always. Certainly should be default.

  4. Bold is redundant in my opinion. Highlighting by brightness level is enough.

    Also I noticed that you use font smoothing. Great! But will it be sub-pixel smoothing or that?

  5. Ok, the defaults have been changed :-) Bold is still not a default.

  6. You know what I was thinking? It would be cool if when the colours were 'bright/bold', it represented daylight or torches, and if when the colours are 'dull/non-bold', it represented night. I think it would improve the atmosphere a lot.... there would be a different 'feel' to running around a city at night as opposed to during the day...

  7. I always use these, not only in JADE, very handy.

  8. I second what Lyle says, depending on the phase of the day, you could desaturate the RGB values by like, -30 or something, or introduce more purple and blue. I'd love to sneak around a city at night with that look!