Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Working on JADE 0.2.0 again...

Hi folks! Just a quick update tonight since I am still recovering from a very bad cold which prevented me during the past week from doing almost anything. JADE as a consequence also has been set back quite a bit. Today was the first day where I once more managed to put quite a number of finishing touches to the upcoming 0.2.0 release. It won't be quite as complete as a consequence of my illness as I had hoped for but I will make up for that by resuming a much faster "release early, release often" release cycle once more with JADE 0.2.x.

I have other surprises waiting for you in the near future and preparing for those starting with tonight you will find a new "The History So far" and "The Mission" page on this website. Both will be refined over time to reflect the breathing and vivid nature of JADE.

Stay tuned for the next release!


  1. So what is the estimated release date?

  2. Soon :-)

    Basically I just noticed that lockpicking is still missing (and traps, too - but they won't be 0.2.0 but rather in 0.2.3 or so) and thieves still need to get a little more to shine. So I should add lockpicking before I release 0.2.0 :-)

    Oh, and the Windows skill bug still needs to be examined... but that should be about it.

    Effectively I need to get it released before Monday as I will be spending next week on a conference and some other business appointments...