Monday, November 21, 2011

Tuning JADE...

Just a quick update: Over the weekend I have been toying a little bit with the performance of JADE. One of the criticisms of the recent releases was that the performance left a bit to be desired. Therefor I decided to insert a small period of performance tuning between standard development.

The results are promising. On my system JADE once more is blazingly fast and neither skill screens nor walk mode nor village nor anything else slow down the game. I have added a series of interconnected caches to the implementation of the more calculation intensive code parts, discovered a couple of IO routines that got called too often and also discovered a couple of places where the order of calls was less than optimal.

All summed up JADE now once more is really fast. The period of optimization also confirmed me in my resolve to not continuously work on performance. Many of the current effects would have been invisible at the time of implementation and only the interaction between disjunct elements caused the current "performance effects".

No matter: Feel assured that JADE 0.2.3 will be pretty good as far as speed goes although this comes at the price of a little more memory use (although not overly so).

Keep you updated on the progress!

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