Sunday, November 13, 2011

JADE 0.2.1 has been released!

Barely one week after releasing JADE 0.2.0 I am very happy to announce the followup release: JADE 0.2.1 is finished. The new release mostly is a bugfix release for JADE 0.2.0 with a few minor additions.
Being mostly a bugfix release the major reason for an upgrade naturally that lots of things now work more correctly (or at all). The extensive list below contains all the details. Major new additions include a lot of finetuning for food consumption, starting power and skill points. Additionally drakelings now are playable. Oh, and corpses have been added to the game. And special effects for eating them ;-)

Besides these minor additions and major balance modifications here's the list of changes for JADE 0.2.1:

* Added two new item types.
* Added the 'confused' condition.
* Added corpses and special effects for corpses.
* Added a mandatory maze level to the caves of Chaos.
* Improved the skill dialog for raising skills (RFE 509).
* Improved the chances of finding something when searching (RFE 513).
* Adjusted hunger in the wilderness: the survival skill now greatly reduces time based
  hunger effects in the wilderness, specific regions (e.g. forest or desert) modify the
  effectiveness of the survival skill (RFE 490, 517).
* Provide extra weapon skill levels in the beginning.
* Increased starting hit points.
* Increased the nutrition value of items.
* Reduced the price for food.
* Several interactions (like kicking) now automatically select a single existing target (RFE 484, 488).
* The message for kicking an open door now longer enforces a (more) prompt.
* Added a message to wells.
* Unpaid items no longer stack (if not generated as a stack right away) in order to fix issue 487.
  Additionally unpaid items no longer can be split when dropping them to prevent another shop
  inventory bug (issue 534).
* Adjusted the danger level of dungeons (it now grows more slowly).
* Now JADE grants a lot more skill points when advancing a level but skills get a lot more costly
  if the skill level by far surpasses the character level.
* Greatly increased the wilderness healing rate (RFE 529).
* 'a' now only displays the actually usable skills, 'A' displays all skills and allows to raise them
  (RFE 530).
* Added alternate line colors to the weapon skill dialog. Fixed some of the headline underlinings in
  that dialog.
* Added the alternating color scheme to other dialogs like the inventory, the stuff list, the skill
  dialog, etc.
* Added a means to kick through secret doors (RFE 542).
* Fixed the problem with huge and gargantuan items no longer appearing in lists (issues 432, 575).
  Affected small characters in combination with large items, too.
* Fixed the bug with endless raw meat supplies (raw meat didn't get consumed when eaten, issue 510).
  Additionally various races are now more detailed in their meaning about raw meat (issue 494).
* Fixed the frequency of cursed items by reducing that status a little more (issue 420).
* Fixed weapons of heroism (probably already in an earlier version, issue 439).
* Fixed the naming for sized boots (issue 441).
* Fixed find weakness skill handling (issue 453).
* Fixed a problem with locked door interaction messages (issue 482).
* Fixed a problem with being able to select invalid directions (issue 483, 512).
* Fixed drakelings being unplayable due to a last minute change on my part (issue 485).
* Fixed the dungeon name of the classical ADOM dungeon (issue 486).
* Fixed the problem with unpurchased items stacking with purchased items (issue 487).
* Fixed the experience point rewards for monsters (issues 311, 489).
* Fixed current attack handling for necklaces of protection from touch attacks (issue 493).
* Fixed a problem with concurrent item modification exceptions (issue 495).
* Fixed the NPE when trying to build something with C-p (issue 497).
* Fixed the problem of elven skeletons breaking parts of the game (issues 492, 498).
* Fixed various NPEs in the help menu (issue 500, 555).
* Reduced the digging power of ants (issue 501).
* Fixed the missing hive mentality of ants and bees (issue 501).
* Fixed the broken strength drain message of shadows (issue 502).
* Fixed the wrong leather apron name (issue 503).
* Fixed a typo in the introduction (issue 506).
* Fixed a problem with internal events that occurred too often (issue 514).
* Fixed a problem with being unable to pay shopkeeper if the carried amount of gold
  is exactly equal to the debt owed (issue 516).
* Fixed an item copy/comparison bug when equipping/unequipping items (issues 480, 481, 504, 507, 520, 546, 554).
* Fixed a food typo (issue 518).
* Fixed the problem of non-moving villagers (issues 427, 519).
* Fixed a typo for honey (issue 523).
* Fixed a gnollish race typo (issue 524).
* Fixed a rumor typo (issue 525).
* Fixed kicking while in water (issue 527).
* Fixed the problem of stairs being generated in tension rooms (issue 535).
* Fixed problems with giant bees not attacking anyone (issue 536).
* Fixed the non-sensical key mapping for "y" during "Really...?" questions (issues 174, 538).
* Fixed a problem with the shopkeeper message concerning the consumption of unpaid
  items (issue 539).
* Fixed imbuing item stacks (issue 548).
* Fixed incredibly hard to find secret doors (issue 551).
* Fixed the problem of being lucky increasing your critical hit chance to 99+ (issue 558).
* Fixed yet another place which caused cursed starting equipment in the stuff list (issue 564).
* Fixed various endless loop problems arising from an enormous time advancement for the PC
  (issues 386, 436, 565).
* Fixed a giant bee hive typo (issue 566).
* Fixed a death message typo (issue 568).
* Fixed the problem of illegally sized tools still being usable (issue 572).
* Fixed two problems with monsters disappearing/crashing the game in mazes (issues 574,
* Fixed the plural of brass rings (issue 576).
* Fixed a problem with rings of damage not visibly changing the weapon damage (tough internally
  the damage calculation was adjusted correctly; issue 577). Fixed the same problem for rings of
* Fixed a problem of being able to hear messages across different maps (issue 578).
* Fixed a problem with forest being generated in Terinyo (it should have been trees).
* Fixed a problem that might cause houses to be build mixed with trees and other things.
* Fixed a problem with experience point handling for advancement (reaching the minimum required
  number was not sufficient to advance, issue 553).
* Fixed gelee royal (which didn't nourish the eater).
* Fixed the problems of initial items in the stuff list not being of the correct size.
* Fixed a problem in the equality comparison of rings of slaying.
* Fixed a problem with singular and plural messages on altars.

Here's the download link - enjoy!

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  1. Your equipment suddenly seems to weigh less! Your equipment suddenly seems to weigh less! Your equipment suddenly seems to weigh less! Your equipment suddenly seems to weigh less!