Monday, January 29, 2018

Ultimate ADOM Concept Art Teaser: Andor Drakon

Hi everyone!

While the next bi-weekly Ultimate ADOM update is due very soon I couldn't wait to share this with you all: We are very proud to welcome a new member to Team ADOM. Bastian von Gostomski is going to extend our art department and will start with some concept art.

For his first day he surprised us with a wonderful (IMHO) teaser sketch for Andor Drakon. I personally like it so much that we are considering to be doing a series of portraits of iconic ADOM characters (which might be back on one role or another in Ultimate ADOM) - let us hear your suggestions about which characters you would like to see :-)

Please post concept art ideas & wishes in the comments below :-)


  1. So hyped by the new concept art !
    A more mature and dark design is exactly what I had in my head in the pure ASCII era of ADOM :)
    Great work !

  2. I suppose Khelevaster and the mad minstrel are good options for art. Cat Lord as well could be fun. Thrundarr might be less interesting art-wise but he's an important character.

  3. Kinda looks like if Mark Hammil was playing a corrupted Luke Skywalker lol. Very cool nonetheless.

    Ravenmore is still doing artwork though, I assume? I would love to see his style mixed with some stuff from this for ultimate Adom.

    1. Absolutely. Ravenmore/Krys will continue to be our graphical mastermind. Never change a winning team ;-)