Tuesday, January 2, 2018

ADOM 3.0.6 released to the general public!

Hi everyone!

We start the new year with getting things out of the way: ADOM 3.0.6 now is available as a free download to the general public:

With this release our crowdfunding campaign comes full circle: We are officially done!

From now on we will focus our development effort on Ultimate ADOM and run ADOM in a kind of support mode (which means: it gets about 20% of our time for attention to fix bugs and add new features and content). Releases of ADOM will happen on Steam first (because it's technically much easier to do so) and then after a while also on IndieDB (but probably not every release but just the major ones).

If you would like to enjoy all the features of the Deluxe version of ADOM (the one on Steam) you still have a couple of ours left to get the best entry price in our Steam sale (which soon will be over). Utilize it right away!

And now have fun playing!

Thomas & Team ADOM


  1. Woooo congratulations!!

    Looking forward to whatever the hell Ult. ADOM ends up being :D

  2. There's some bug with wand, I started two different games and when I use it a lot the game crashes :/


  3. Can you provide a slightly more detailed bug report at http://www.adom.de/bugs? Do you mean the star sign or the items? If the items, which wands? And what kind of crashes? Thanks!