Sunday, December 17, 2017

Call for Steam reviews

Hi everyone!

We are currently pretty happy with ADOM on Steam but there is one area where we would like to improve: Steam visibility and reception heavily depends on the number of positive reviews a game receives. Since we receive a lot more favorable comments (especially with recent releases) then new reviews we'd like to ask your for a favor:

If you enjoy ADOM on Steam and so far have not written a review please write an ADOM review (no matter how short or long)!

More positive reviews mean that ADOM gets more visibility which helps us in pushing it to more people.

Thanks a lot!

Oh, and speaking of visibility: Please help us by voting for ADOM as we are trying to become the Indie Game of the Year 2017 at IndieDB:

Thanks so much!


  1. Would be happy to give a Steam review if you give me a code ;)

    1. Sorry, no paid reviews. The ADOM community is about honesty ;-) I only want to activate the many happy players a little more ;-)

  2. I wonder if you give like 20K gold or a Wand of Wish with D2 charge to everybody who writes a review is legal or will make a scandal?

    1. LOL, I would love to get honest reviews from people who genuinely enjoy the game. I'm not going to pay or bribe people for that ;-)