Saturday, December 9, 2017

ADOM 3.0.4 prerelease and server available now
Hi everyone!

This prerelease hopefully will be the very final one before we publish a polished and complete (as far as our crowdfunding promises go) ADOM to Steam.

ADOM 3.0.4 again contains a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements as well as one major new feature: After registering you now can connect to our server to manage your global highscores (e.g. in competition to all the other ADOM players out there).


  • If you own highscores achieved by cheating you might want to delete them. In the next couple of weeks we probably also add some kind of community-driven cheat detection and cheaters will be banned from the server. If cheating becomes excessive we might be forced to limit the server to Steam only (and only in connection with Steam accounts) which would be sad but necessary if people start ruining the idea of the server. So be honest and remain a good member of the ADOM tribe :-) !
  • Connections to the global highscore server are only possible with ADOM Deluxe (and in a couple of days the Steam version). The pure ASCII version does not support this.
  • Highscores are synchronized after you quit ADOM - only then they will show up on the server.
  • You will need to register an account in order to be able to synchronize with the server.
  • The global highscores probably will enhance the fun with challenge games a lot :-)
  • Our server really is a version 0.1. We have tons of ideas on how to improve it, the layout and design needs a lot more work and we have extensive statistics planned and more - but all this takes time and we will on it step by step in the months to come. So please be patient with us :-)
Now all prerelease testers can go to the usual location and start having fun :-)

When you submit bugs or RFEs you now also can choose "" as a category in order to inspire us with your ideas of what would be great to have for a community portal - so let us know what you come up with :-)

Axes high!
Thomas Biskup & Team ADOM


  1. "The pure ASCII version does not support this."

    Sad. I was looking forward to an official ADoM server I could connect to and play by SSH.

    1. That's something very different we so far never talked about ;-)

  2. So, I've done some savescumming - how do I delete those high scores?

    1. Right now there is only the option to delete all or nothing. It probably would be a good RFE to provide some means to delete individual highscore entries now that you mention it :-/

  3. Will it be possible to revert a steam installation back to the current version? I'm excited for the new one but I want to finish my current game first.