Friday, November 10, 2017

Full Steam release: ADOM 2.3.8 is here!

Hi everyone!

Because I'm a bit jet-lagged (due to the trip to San Francisco to the Roguelike Celebration 2017) here's just a very quick note:

We have released ADOM 2.3.8 to Steam with but two fixes (see the changelog):

  • An important NotEye crash has been fixed.
  • A minor frog dialog problem has been fixed.
In the meantime we are already finishing up the next major release with tons of new stuff which you also can expect pretty soon now.

If ADOM 2.3.8 proves to be stable during the next 8-10 hours, we'll also release it as a general public release. So please test extensively!

See ya soon,
Thomas Biskup & Team ADOM

1 comment:

  1. I am so hyped! Public release atlast! Please, please, please!